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We’re Going To Build A Sandcastle!

It’s a blue-sky, sunny day and we’re going to the beach. When we get there, we are going to build a sandcastle!

Let’s Get Ready!

Let’s gather up some helpers from family and friends.

Now we need some tools.

build a sandcastle tool


Next we need supplies — like sunscreen,

                                              a picnic lunch and snacks,

                                              drinking water,

                                              and a blanket to sit on,

                                              and something to shade us from the sun, when we take a break.

beach shade tent

                                                                     We’re ready, what’s next?

Find a Beach!

What kind of beach?

                                                                                Like this?               rocky beach                                                                                 No, too rocky


This?  beach below cliff

No, too far down. Remember, Grandma is with us.





                                                                           How about this?

sandcastle building beach

      Ah, yes!  Just right! It’s a smooth, sandy beach right up to the shore. We’re going to build a sandcastle!

Now What?

Push some sand together to make a big pile.

Fill buckets with water to dampen the sand.

Build a moat, if you want, with a stick bridge across it.

Build some towers with windows and sea shell adornments.

Make some steps to the top of the towers, and a wall to connect them.

Put a door in the wall to get to the courtyard.

Pave your courtyard with beach-gathered stones.

We Built A Sandcastle!

We played in the water.

We heard the gulls talking, and the boom as the waves hit that hard, cement wall.

Waves hitting a cement wall

What a beautiful sandcastle we all made together, with laughter and smiles, in the breeze and the sun.

As the day turned to evening, we packed up our things. The waves came up closer, we ran back away,

and watched as the waves turned our castle to sand.

We smiled, and we said, as we walked to our cars, “We’re going to make a sandcastle again, another day.

Hey, Grandma, walk with me,” said our littlest one. 

Do You Want To Build A Sandcastle?

If you want to build a sandcastle, we have just the book for you!

It’s Sandcastle Building Day!

It’s Sandcastle Building Day! Children's Book in the Pelican Family Series

      Written by Shirley Castro, Illustrated by Cathleen Abalos

Read it, then go down to the beach and try out your own sandcastle.  We’d love to have you post a picture in comments in this post.

#33 — We’re Going To Build A Sandcastle!

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    Yes, thank you for thinking of grandma (me)! Fun read for this grandma of six. I will get your book for my little 3 y/o. <3

    • February 13, 2018 at 1:14 pm

      Thank you, Lily, for your comment. I had fun writing this one. It even made me want to try to get some people together to go build a sandcastle. Last year my sister and I traveled along the coast and considered making a sandcastle. People would probably comment about us two old grandmas out there building. And, of course, there is the problem of getting up gracefully from sitting on the sand! Who knows, we may still do it one of these days. I was thinking of me when I put that comment in about grandma. ☺️ Thank you for being interested in our book!

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