Kelly and the Scarf

A story to help introduce your child to the ideas of empathy and giving.
Ages 3 – 6.

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Kelly and the Scarf

The Pelican Family Series – Book 3

Considering others’ feelings and reacting appropriately are important life skills.  In this book, Kelly, the beautiful yellow pelican, displays this empathy towards the little girl in the story, who then responds by thinking about Kelly’s feelings, too!

Why Kids Love It

Throughout the book, the little girl thinks Kelly is a duck, and keeps calling her that even when everyone has tried to help correct the girl. There is a repeated phrase for this, “It’s not a duck, it’s a pelican!”  While listening to, or reading this book, children love to get involved and say that phrase again and again as it comes up.

Real photos of brown pelicans and California and Oregon coastal scenes are in this and all of the books in the series.  There is also a shore bird identification page at the end of this book, and even a geography page showing where the photos were taken, ranging from as far north as Depoe Bay, Oregon, to all the way south to Ventura, California.  And there are beautiful photos of Mallard Ducks and Brown Pelicans on a page spread so you and your child can talk about how they are alike and how they are different.

Watch a short preview of the book here:

Kelly and the Scarf


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