The Pelican Family Counting Book

Build your child’s basic number skills while rhyming words help their beginning sounds too!

Perfect for ages 0 – 4

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The Pelican Family Counting Book

Listen to a read-aloud by the author here:

The Pelican Family Series – Book 1

Meet the 10 pelicans in the Pelican Family Counting Book; Pelly, Melly, Kelly, Shelly, Delly, Stelly, Elly, Telly, Nelly, and Zelly,  as they fly over the ocean in search of yummy fish.  Melly looks snazzy with his bow tie, Kelly wears a scarf, Telly’s friend is a cat, and Delly is always so-o-o hungry he thinks he could eat a  whale!  And check out Zelly’s crazy socks!

For Our Youngest Readers and Listeners or Collectors of the Entire Series

The Pelican Family Counting Book is the first in our series of children’s picture books.  It’s designed with colorful illustrations, and real photographs of California’s coast that you and your child can talk about.  The rhyming names of the pelicans, and repeated words and phrases help young readers develop their listening and reading skills. The cartoon pelicans are bright, colorful, and just plain fun.  This book is perfect to read to babies and young children.  For those people collecting the whole series this is book #1 and it introduces all 10 pelicans.  It makes a great baby shower gift!  Read this book to your children while they follow along with the pictures, or treasure their enjoyment as they bring the book to life with their own words.  And, don’t forget to sing, with arms flapping, “Flying over the ocean, flying over the sea.”  Children love to shout out a loud “Splash” when Elly dives down.  And, by the way, the splash photo at the end of the book is of an actual pelican splash, you just can’t see the pelican as it has gone under the water!   This children’s book is ideal for ages 0 to 4.

Counting and Beginning Addition

You and your child can count the pelicans on each page and look at and talk about the number on top of the page.  You can also do some beginning addition with the groupings of the pelicans.  For instance on the #4 page, there is Shelly (1) + Kelly (1) plus Pelly and Melly (2) — 1+1+2=4. On the two page spread for the #5 you have Shelly and Kelly (2) +Melly and Pelly(2) +Delly(1)– 2+2+1=5, and on the right hand side there is Delly,Shelly, and Kelly(3)+Melly and Pelly(2)– 3+2=5.

Use This Book For Comparing and Contrasting

Help your child learn about comparing and contrasting, an important thinking skill, by gathering other counting books and comparing and contrasting them.  You can ask such questions as “Are the characters the same in both books?”  “Are the characters real photos or cartoons”  “Do they both tell a story?:”  If yes, “What is the story being told?”  Also listen to what your child says about how they are alike or different and talk about it.  See blog post #20, Grow by Comparing and Contrasting to learn more about this important learning tool.

The Pelican Family Counting Book

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