About Nelly’s Quilt

My 6 year old daughter and I loved this newest addition to the Pelican Family book series! Nelly’s Quilt is a story that encourages all of us, regardless of our age (and species), to spread kindness and generosity, to figuratively “pay it forward”.

Sara R. Rodriguez

This new book in the series is a favorite of my granddaughter. She enjoyed reading it to her 3rd grade class at school. The theme of kindness is much appreciated as a positive influence in children’s lives.

M. Palmbach

As Nelly needs and receives help with her problem, she learns to be watchful for ways to give kindness to others! And she brightens her world and the world of others with her thoughtfulness!

Patty Godwin

Nelly’s Quilt is the third book we have in the Pelican series. My granddaughter, a first grader, was delighted with her new book! She was able to read it to me almost completely by herself. I am a retired teacher and enjoy the different topics of discussion that we have during and after reading. This book gave us conversations about sharing, kindness to others, art and photography, and sewing a colorful quilt.

Chris L.

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