Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy

A quirky adventure exploring responsibility for our actions.

Great for ages 3 – 6.

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Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy

The Pelican Family Series – Book 4

All of the other pelicans warn Stelly that she shouldn’t pick up that taffy she sees on the walkway.  But she does.  And then the trouble begins!  Stelly holds the taffy in her bill for so long, that it starts to get soft and stringy, and strings behind her as she flies off.  It pulls Grandpa Gustauf’s newspaper right out of his hands, just as he is about to read the sports page!  It pulls the bright orange feather right out of loud, proud Begonia Bird’s head!  And she was just about to get her picture taken by the birdwatching club, something she had wanted for a long time!  Does she ever SQUAWK!  It sticks Tommy’s fingers to his trumpet, which causes him to play out of tune notes for a very long time!  Hold your ears, everyone!  And, it lands on Mayor Monday’s face and gives her a moustache!  Something must be done to stop Stelly’s taffy eating!  What will the Mayor, Dr. Healthy Bird, and
Grandpa Pelican say?


With over 30 years of experience in child education and child development, the author has created a positive children’s story filled with entertaining moments and morals for you and your little one to enjoy and discuss.  The book includes both colorful illustrations as well as real photos of the scenic California coast and it’s wildlife.

Each book in the Pelican Family Series is created with child development in mind.  Whether you’re reading to your child while they point to the pictures in the book or your child is building their skills and vocabulary by reading to you, each story has a variety of examples and points we hope parents will use to discuss new ideas with their child and further their development and growth.  Taking responsibility is an important quality in life and the tale of Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy is written around that topic.

Share Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy with your child and meet loud, proud Begonia Bird in the Banana Tree, Chef Chauncy, Mayor Monday and others.

Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy


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