Pelly and Melly Best Friends!

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 Book 6

Pelly and Melly Best Friends Front Cover

The latest story in our series will focus on a fun tale of friendship between two pelicans, Pelly and Melly.

A Book For Two

Written specifically as a dialogue between the two main characters, Pelly and Melly Best Friends is designed to be read by 2 people making it perfect for sharing with your child, your students, or your best friend.  Your child will love reading it again and again till they can say their part from memory or switching it up and playing the other character.

The adventures involved will allow you to discuss how friends act together and the types of qualities that make a good friendship. Examples of other themes like cooperation and leadership also illustrate positive qualities and provide a jumping off point for you to discuss the topic further with your child.  As your child enjoys the pictures and reads or follows along with Pelly and Melly Best Friends, there are 9 major points of friendship to highlight throughout the story and build on and reference with your child to help them grow healthy behaviorial skills.

Points of Friendship

  • Friends talk to each other.
  • Friends recognize each others’ needs.
  • Friends are kind to each other.
  • Friends play together.
  • Friends get help for friends.
  • Friends share their feelings with friends.
  • Friends help friends.
  • Friends compliment friends.
  • Friends are proud of each others’ accomplishments, and tell others about them.

Your child will love the fun and colorful illustrations along with the real photos to compare and contrast. Read the book for an entertaining example of friendship or enjoy one of the many points in the book to further discuss behavior and development that will forever benefit your child’s life.
Pelly and Melly Best Friends Lighting Storm Friends Compliment Each Other

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