Pelican Family Series Using a picture walk for child development

Going On A Picture Walk

My grandson and I went on a picture walk. I was the photographer, he was the director (as he often is at this age of 4). He pointed out what he wanted pictures of, I took them. Sometimes I snuck in a shot or two of my own choice. It was great. It was fun. We both liked it.

But there was more. I went home and printed the pictures. I asked him if he wanted to take the pictures home or have me mail them. He chose mail. I wanted to sit with him and write down his story of the picture walk, but the call of the Lego pirate set was too strong at that moment. So we moved to another activity. When he was getting ready to go home I asked him if he just wanted me to send the pelican family series picture walk blue folder imagepictures, or add some words about them. He chose words. I put his pictures in a folder with a few pages of words in between. And mailed them. We both liked it.



Then, later I got to thinking of more things we could do with these pictures.


Picture Walk Activities & Games

  1. Make them into cards, put them in a stack, draw one and talk apelican family series picture walk picture cardsbout what you see. Grandpa might like to join us for that one.
  2. Print two copies and make them into a matching game. When you turn over a match, you get to keep it.
  3. Make a matching game of pictures and words.
  4. Make a guessing game of drawing a card, not showing it to the other players. Then give them a clue so they can guess what it is. “I have a card of an animal that can walk up a wall and likes to sit in the sun.”
  5. Make a card to mail to someone using some of the pictures.
  6. Make a collage of the pictures.

    pelican family series picture walk matching game
    Picture Walk Matching Game

We would like it. Maybe we’ll try one of those ideas.
Will you?

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#15 — A Picture Walk With My Grandson
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